A man, rebooted

So, it’s been a while between posts.  Fair to say that a lot has happened in that time.  Felt like I needed a reboot.

What’s happened to me?  Here’s a quick summary, in no particular order.

I got out of my leg brace.  After three months!  Here lies the remanents of the very use brace.  It’s fair to say I was VERY excited to finally rid myself of the brace.

See yer later Leg brace. No, won't miss you.

See yer later Leg brace. No, won’t miss you.

It came off just in time.  No more than five days out of the brace, and uninhibited by crutches, I was lucky enough to present the Horan-Little shield at the Rising v Rams match, on behalf of the Rugby Australia and Green & Gold Rugby.  Sadly my team lost, but it was a thrill to present to a former Rebels Player, Paul Asquith.

Handing over the Horan-Little Shield.

Handing over the Horan-Little Shield.

After two years at Yarra Valley Water, I resigned to take up a new position at EnergyAustralia.  For me, the opportunity to work in a larger corporate environment on a variety of retail projects was very appealing.  I’ve been here for 11 months now and still loving it.

Other things:

  • Involved in IIBA Melbourne mentoring program.  It’s been great to help fellow BA’s with their career growth.
  • Lived through 6 months of uncertainty for my beloved Rugby team, the Melbourne Rebels.  Luckily they survived but at the expense of another team (Western Force).  It’s absolutely devastating for Rugby in Australia, but now we need to move on.  We’ve been lucky to secure a number of ex-Force players, and their coach David Wessels, so now I have high hopes for the future.
  • With my mobility, I’ve rediscovered my love for Photography. I’ll be posting more photo journals on the blog.

So, how does a reboot feel?  Easy – fantastic.  More updates to come.

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