One legged man, plus nine weeks

Nine weeks down and my Leg is still in the Zimmer boot.  But, progress has been made.  Didn’t say it was going to be quick. Nine weeks down, what’s changed? Well, a fair bit has changed.  t’s all good change. Back in the Office From about week two, I’ve been working from Home.  Armed with

One-Legged Man, plus four Weeks

Well, that felt like a long four weeks with one working Leg. As you might haver read, I had a small accident.  The net result; a busted Knee and a  Zimmer Brace for eight weeks. The last four (well, five) Weeks For those who have lived with limited mobility, what I’m about to share will

Knee - five hours after

One-Legged Man

So, a few weeks back I had a bit of a Knee accident.  In my true “don’t do things by half measures” style, this one’s a doozy.  Right up there with my Achilles injury a few years ago. So, what happened? Here’s the embarrassing part.  I wasn’t involved in some amazing feat; instead, I was