New IIBA certification

The rumors are true.  The IIBA has a new certification. I first heard about the new certification on a LinkedIn BA group, from a comment by Richard Larsen. For context, Richard Larsen is the author of many CBAP/CCBA exam guides, through Watermark Learning.  For anyone who has prepared, or is thinking about taking the exam,

Seven photos, all B&W, in seven days

I always love a challenge.  When it involves taking a photo, I’m up for it… Last year, my friend Cathie Formica tagged me in a Facebook challenge.  Normally, I wouldn’t indulge in a Facebook challenge; after all, they’re usually puzzles, riddles, or a request to play candy crush.  For those who know me, I’m not

A man, rebooted

So, it’s been a while between posts.  Fair to say that a lot has happened in that time.  Felt like I needed a reboot. What’s happened to me?  Here’s a quick summary, in no particular order. I got out of my leg brace.  After three months!  Here lies the remanents of the very use brace.  It’s

One legged man, plus nine weeks

Nine weeks down and my Leg is still in the Zimmer boot.  But, progress has been made.  Didn’t say it was going to be quick. Nine weeks down, what’s changed? Well, a fair bit has changed.  t’s all good change. Back in the Office From about week two, I’ve been working from Home.  Armed with

One-Legged Man, plus four Weeks

Well, that felt like a long four weeks with one working Leg. As you might haver read, I had a small accident.  The net result; a busted Knee and a  Zimmer Brace for eight weeks. The last four (well, five) Weeks For those who have lived with limited mobility, what I’m about to share will