A man, rebooted

So, it’s been a while between posts.  Fair to say that a lot has happened in that time.  Felt like I needed a reboot. What’s happened to me?  Here’s a quick summary, in no particular… Read More »A man, rebooted

Aquascape ideas

Change is as good as a holiday, I guess. For the last six months, I’d had solid growth in my tank.   I’ve been happy with the progress, and I’ve learnt a lot, but I’m… Read More »Aquascape ideas

Knee - five hours after

One-Legged Man

So, a few weeks back I had a bit of a Knee accident.  In my true “don’t do things by half measures” style, this one’s a doozy.  Right up there with my Achilles injury a… Read More »One-Legged Man

Business Analysis as the translator

Business Analysis

My friends and family know me as the IT guy.  You know, fix the Computer, get the media server working.  But, only a few know what I do.  Oddly enough, It is only a part… Read More »Business Analysis

Aquarium - front view

My Home Aquarium

  I’m committed to publishing content on a range of topics, either close to me or out of my comfort zone.  Today, I’ll start with one close – my Aquarium. I’ve been keeping Aquariums since… Read More »My Home Aquarium