My Home Aquarium

Aquarium - front view
Aquarium - front view

My Aquarium in all it’s glory


I’m committed to publishing content on a range of topics, either close to me or out of my comfort zone.  Today, I’ll start with one close – my Aquarium.

I’ve been keeping Aquariums since I was about 10.  Back then, it was a simple 12 inch Tank with three Goldfish.  The typical life of a Fish back then was no more than a few months, but I was still learning.

Fast forward five years and I purchased my first full-sized Tank: a 30 inch Coldwater Aquarium.  Complete with the modern provisions, such as filters and airstones; I thought it was incredible.  Eventually, I added a Light and Heater to accommodate Tropical Fish (Gourami, Mollies) and Plants.  Sadly I never kept any photos, but I was happy with the setup.  After moving House the enthusiasm waned a little, so I dismantled the set and gave it away.

The Fish keeping bug may go dormant, but it never goes away.

My wife suggested back in 2012 that it would be a good idea to purchase the kids a Goldfish Aquarium (20L).  Initially, I didn’t think much of it when I brought the Tank, but soon the fish keeping bug was awoken.  Soon, I had added a light, plants and more air stones to the small kid’s setup.  While it was spectacular, it wasn’t going to be big enough.  Enter the 3ft Aquarium

In 2013 I purchased by 3ft (x 14 x 20) Tank.  I added shelving and painted the cabinet white.  My setup included an Ehiem canister filter,  heater, and a 3ft Fluro light.  I kept a variety of fish (including my first Discus), and I learned a lot about maintaining aquatic plants.  But again, it wasn’t going to be big enough.  Enter the 5ft Aquarium.

3ft Fish Tank

My 3ft Tank. Well stocked with Fish and Plants.


I purchased my pride and joy in 2014 – a 5ft x 2ft x 2ft (or 520L) tank).  Originally set up in the kid’s toy room, it now takes pride of place in my study.  It has two Canister filters (Ehiem, Aquazonic T5/Led Lights, and all the other usual mod cons.  I expanded my collection of Discus Fish in the tank, combined with barbs and tetras.   Sadly, some of my Discus have died, but I plan to re-stock soon.

3ft with discus

Some of my Discus, back in the 3ft Tank.

I’ve also stepped up the planting in the Tank to make it a more natural environment.  A lot more care is required, but I’m having great success keeping a healthy collection of Plants.

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