planted discus tank 3

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  1. Planted discus tank 3 has a nice carpeted floor. I am trying to set up a tank. Wondering if you could share some insights about the tank setup and how you made it so nice thank you

    1. Hi Sergey, sorry aobut the late reply. The pic isn’t my tank, but I can share some basic insights.
      – First, plan what you want your tank to look like. Carpet, jungle, a mix, or something else. AS you’re doing right now, look around the web for ideas.
      – You must ahve good filtration. I ran two Ehiem canister filters in my tank.
      – Feed regularly. I use the Seechem range of products and had great success.
      – Good lighting, and at the right temperature (4000K for plant growth). Kessil and Aquarium Illumination make good lights, but plenty of good brands out there. For deeper tanks, you will need stronger lights (look for PAR rating).
      – Clean regularly, as it helps to remove excess nutrients, and limit algae growth
      – start small. Don’t feel you ahve to plant everything all at once.
      – Failing is OK. Best way to learn is to fail.

      Most importantly, enjoy.

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