Seven photos, all B&W, in seven days

I always love a challenge.  When it involves taking a photo, I’m up for it…

Last year, my friend Cathie Formica tagged me in a Facebook challenge.  Normally, I wouldn’t indulge in a Facebook challenge; after all, they’re usually puzzles, riddles, or a request to play candy crush.  For those who know me, I’m not the candy crush kinda guy.

However, the challenge was different.   It was a photography challenge.  Hmm, this could be interesting.

It sometimes goes by different rules, but in general:

  • You take seven photos over a seven day period.
  • A different photo published each day
  • Photo must be entirely in black & white
  • No people in the photo
  • Photo must show an aspect of your day in some form.
  • You challenge someone new every day to the challenge

Being a photo nerd, I couldn’t resist.  So I accepted the challenge.

My life in seven days – explained

One of the rules what that I couldn’t add an explanation to the photo.  I stuck to the rule, but I still wanted to share my thought on the photo.

Here are those thoughts.

Photo 1 – Flagstaff

Taken on the morning of my challenge, I wasted no time in getting my first photo.  During peak hour, it’s rare to see an empty stairwell at Flagstaff station.  When I saw the causeway between platforms 1 and 2 was empty, I had to photograph it.  With a bit of tinkering Snapseed, I was able to bring out the shine from the escalators.

There is only one thing I would have done better – straightened the image (it’s a little wonky).  In my defense, I had to take the shot before people returned, and I was fairly new to Snapseed at the time.

Flagstaff Station. The causeway between Platforms 1 and 2. Northside.

Flagstaff Station. Causeway between Platforms 1 and 2. North side.


Photo 2 – construction site

This construction site is right out my Office window, constantly humming away with activity.  At this point, they’d just finished the pit, and started the foundations for the elevators.  As I write now, it’s far more substantial.  I was walking down Market st when i snapped this one.  The sun glare wasn’t playing nicely, but I think I managed to get the right filter setting in Snapseed.

Construction at the corner of Collins and Market St Melbourne.

Construction at the corner of Collins and Market St Melbourne.

Photo 3 – Coffee Shop

Snapped as I waited for my flat white, I really liked the symmetry of the coffee cups.  You have to be a well-oiled machine if you wish to serve Coffee en masse.

I had some fun with the blur function too.

Waiting for Coffee @ Mughouse Cafe

Waiting for Coffee @ Mughouse Cafe

For those people who are wondering, it’s Mughouse Cafe.  440 Collins Street.  Tell them I send you.

Photo 4 – Saturday Breakfast

For those who follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you would know I’m quite the fan of #baconsaturday.  Conceived as an idea amongst mates to share photos of us eating bacon & egg meals, I’ve been posting regular photos of my Saturday morning fry-ups for a few years now.  It’s fair to say I get a lot of comments back from my friends, ranging from jealousy to showmanship.

Saturday Breakfast Coffee

Saturday Breakfast Coffee

There’s something quite cathartic about this photo.  The fact I use an espresso kettle on a weekend, besides the fact I have time to use it, means I’m about to enjoy the best cup of coffee for the entire week.  Together with my fry up, I’m now ready to tackle the weekend.

 Photo 5 – Riverwalk

It’s somewhat rare for an inner city Melbourne resident to live near a creek.  I’m lucky enough to have one across the street from my House.  I often walk along the path, with the family in tow, enjoying the sights and sounds.


Gardiners Creek

Gardiners Creek

When I took this photo, I decided to venture closer to the water.  I wanted to get a nice reflection shot, and highlight the putrid state of the water.  I think this photo captures both those things quite nicely.  I have the sunny day to thank for the good light.

In fact, this is probably one part of the creek that has the least amount of rubbish strewn on the bank.

Photo 6 – Dusk at Flinders Street Station

Most nights, I catch a Train from Flinders Street station.  On this night, I found myself at the platform’s end, looking at all the technology that helps make the Trains runs smithy.  Tracks, signal,s power boxes, it was all there.  I’m amazed that it keeps us running so smoothly.

Flinders Street, Platform 2, Sunset

Flinder Street, Platform 2, Sunset

On this night, there was a wonderful sunset peaking through the buildings.   I tried to capture that, together with this confluence to Train technology.  with a bit of filter work in Snapseed, I had a lovely photo.

Photo 7 – Weights

This photo was more a motivation piece for me.

Even since my knee surgery back in 2016, I’ve had one goal; to get back to my previous lifting weight on squats, bench press, and deadlift.  for now, it’s I’ve been slowly building the strength back in my knee.  Started off with simple exercises, progressed through some basic (light) routines, and now I’m back to squats and deadlifts.  Granted, the weights are light, but it’s progress,

Occasionally, I wanter into the platform room at Gym, just to marvel at the weight stacks.  It helps remind me not to over do it, and that if I’m paidient, I’ll be back to lifting big again.

Weights. Lots of Weights.

Weights. Lots of Weights.

My Surgeon thought I would never get back to big weights, and that I was likely to find it tough in the Gym.  Sorry, no one tells me that I can’t do something that gives me so much joy.  I’m not rushing back, otherwise, I’m likely to be on crutches for an extended period. I know I’ll get back to my goal lifting weights; not tomorrow, not next week, but someday in the near future.

A future challenge?

With the number of challenge invites I get on social media, I’m bound to get another one in the near future.  Yes, this is an open invitation to send ANY photo challenge request my way.  There’s a good chance I’ll accept, simply because I have so much fun behind a lens.

And if you get one, try it too.



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